What do you get when you bring Rotarian's to an Ice Fishing Derby? In thier down time they have a little fun! Mark Wasowski and Mark Morrison of the Sebago Lake Rotary Club play fish sword fight with the frozen togue. Is that what they really meant as Rotarian's in Action??? Even our Assistant Gov., Holly Sargent, got to work clipping the tail of the fish once they were measured and processed. This year was the clubs 20th year of hosting the ice fishing derby and with many obstacles, a pandemic, questionable ice, quantine, illness, and the death of one of our treasured members, it was possible that this year the derby might not happen! But everyone rallied, the ice froze, everyone followed CDC guidelines and the fish were bitting! Over 1,000 folks registered and brought in over 2500 fish which will produce aprox. 6,000 bulk lbs which will be processed, frozen and shared with food pantries. Now that's Rotarian's in ACTION!